Brand: Broadway Bootcamp

Project: UI Redesign

Broadway Bootcamp is a summer theatre camp that fosters the imagination and creativity of students through performing, encouraging them to become more confident and self-assured, not just in the performing arts, but in their development as individuals. The company had tasked me to redesign the homepage to increase enrollment at Broadway Bootcamp through the web platform. In it's iteration, the web platform visually was not concise, attractive, or efficient. 




  • Parents with children ages 8-15who want to encourage their children to partake in summer activities to expand their knowledge and fuel their passions. 
  • They are concerned for the well-being of their child and look forward to providing an experience from which their children grow to become full rounded students. 
  • Their children are often high achieving academically and parents often see their summer camp experience as a means to expand their resumes to prepare for collegiate admissions.

Summer Brightness Moodboard




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